The Raygun Administration Really Rock

I was a big fan of The Raygun Administration and was doubly disappointed to see this website disappear when its domain registration expired. Imagine my surprise when I recently discovered that the site's domain was now available. I decided to buy it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from its archived pages. I did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. SO all you The Raygun Administration, here is some of the content from their original site. Please be indulgent, if it is not exactly as you remember it, since there was not a lot of information that was archived.


And remember, you can still see and listen to some of their performances on Youtube

Do you remember when we got all crazy and went to see an 80's cover Band called The Raygun Administration.  They were so much fun.  They had crazy 80's Flock of Seagulls hair and skinny ties.  And boy did their music rock!

I sure do! We had a blast that night. We were celebrating your moving to Europe for 2 years. Can't believe you're going overseas to study philosophy! That is so geeked out. But then I learn that you're doing a treatise on "nothing" - how did that happen. What an amazing feat you must have pulled of to get that plum assignment. Paying all your expenses so you can bloviate about nothing - perfect dude!! I found this piece about nothing that really helps me understand the topic is deeper than I imagined. The future of philosophy awaits. However, that night we saw The Raygun Administration, we were just spending the last night with our best friends before heading overseas. Whatever happened to that band?

Welcome Raygunners!

The Raygun Administration was formed in 2009 with one goal in mind: to rock out your favorite ’80s tunes…and we do mean rock!!! We play everything from Michael Jackson to Def Leppard to The Cure to Journey. Every song we play is instantaneously recognizable. We guarantee that if you are looking for a great time, listening and dancing to your favorite ’80s rock and pop hits, we are your band!!! The band members collectively bring years of professional experience to the stage, having spent time in numerous bands touring the Southeast. Make no mistake, The Raygun Administration is a collective group of seasoned musicians who came together to play the best tunes from the Decade of Decadence…the 1980s!!! If you are looking for an ’80s cover band that truly rocks, look no further!


Members: When they were just starting out as musicians.

Gerald Brackett- lead vocals/guitar
Eddie Parker- guitar/vocals
Ronnie Marler- bass/vocals
Kevin Clark- drums/vocals


Rock/pop/new wave/funk/alcohol


1. The Raygun Administration -- Don't Stop Believin' (cover)
2. The Raygun Administration -- Wait (cover)
3. The Raygun Administration -- Your Love (cover)


love conection / pop rocks / m-80's / eastland's / gargamel / fraggle rock G.I.JOE/ atari/ bandanas / hyper-color/ E.T. / playboy /nintendo / jams/ HBO / lazer tag / kids incorporated /leg warmers / bmx / gorbachev / garbage pale kids / apple II e's / yugo's / bobby brown(the model) / reebok's / star search / throwing stars / vision street wear / booger / bb guns / aquanet hairspray / menuto / swatch / D.A.R.E./ and finally......simon says... take your shirt off!

Upcoming Shows


Oct 14 The Back Nine - Birmingham, Alabama
Oct 15 Redline Bar & Grill - Hoover, Alabama
Oct 21 Courtyard 280 - Birmingham, Alabama
Oct 29 The Barking Kudu - Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 4 Pub 261 - Pelham, Alabama
Nov 5 Innisfree (Lakeview) - Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 11 The Back Nine - Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 12 The Blue Iguana - Prattville, Alabama
Nov 19 Wedding Reception - Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 19 Crush - Birmingham, Alabama

Song List

Song | Artist

Welcome To The Jungle | Guns N Roses
Rock You Like A Hurricane | The Scorpions
Here I Go Again | Whitesnake
Mother | Danzig
Shook Me All night Long | AC/DC
Take me home tonight | Eddie Money
I Ran | Flock of Seagulls
Kickstart My Heart  | Motley Crue
Fight For Your Right to Party | The Beastie Boys
Wanted Dead or Alive | Bon Jovi
Double Vision | Foriegner
Take On Me | Aha
Sweet Child O’ Mine | Guns N Roses
Tainted Love | Soft Cell
Angel | Aerosmith
Straight Up | Paula Abdul
Nothin’ But a Good Time | Poison
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) | Journey
Panama | Van Halen
Just What I Needed | The Cars
Jessie’s Girl | Rick Springfield
New Sensation | INXS
Alone | Heart
Wait  | White Lion
Beat It  | Michael Jackson
High Enough | The Damn Yankees
Youth Gone Wild | Skid Row
Your Love | The Outfield
Just Like Heaven | The Cure
Let’s Go Crazy | Prince
Don’t Stop Believin’ | Journey
Photograph | Def Leppard
18 and Life | Skid Row
Cult of Personality | Living Color
Call Me | Blondie
Everybody Wants to Rule World | Tears for Fears
Working for the Weekend | Lover Boy
Hungry Like the Wolf | Duran Duran
Time After Time | Cyndi Lauper
Summer of ’69 | Bryan Adams
Talk Dirty To Me | Poison
Billie Jean | Michael Jackson
Let’s Go | The Cars
Pour Some Sugar on Me | Def Leppard
Rebel Yell | Billy Idol
867-5309 Jenny Jenny | Tommy Tutone
You Dropped a Bomb on Me | The Gap Band
Superfreak | Rick James
You Give Love a Bad Name | Bon Jovi
Round And Round | Ratt
Seventeen | Winger
Blister in the Sun | The Violent Femmes
Every Rose Has Its Thorn | Poison
Livin’ On A Prayer | Bon Jovi